here states how we collect, store and use the data shared by our customers on the website. The information shared by our customers is used for providing better services to them and is not used for any unlawful activities. We very well understand the concern of our customers regarding their sharing of personal information and data and hence we take high security measures to protect the information shared by you.

Collection of Personal Information collects and store the data shared by its users in order to provide them with the better assistance of using the website and informing them about various deals and offers going on the website from time to time.

Discount Policy

We have customer centric discount policy. If any client is constantly facing issue then we have the best technicians to solve those issues. But if in any case if we are not able to solve the issue then we will discount the sum with 15 days.


You accept that by using our Services you are automatically approving specialists to access and control your device and repair any type of programming issues that your device is facing. Further you also agree that have the right to download and use the programming, collect the data related to the deivce, access you Personal Computer or Laptop and also change and manage its settings (as required). By accepting the above terms, you also give your consent that can operate your Personal Computer or Laptop, download the required programmes and run it as well in order to repair the problem in your Computer. under any circumstances will never share any customer’s personal data with other people. understands the importance of the personal data and hence takes all the safety and security measures to safeguard such information.

Your Consent

All the data that is collected is done with the consent of the clients. Whatever data we ask from you is further used for rendering administrations.

Security of Client

As already mentioned above, takes all the added security measure to safeguard the customer’s data. For more help you can call us at 1-888-827-9060

Norton Helpdesk

Even after reading all the above security measure if you have any other concern about the security of your Personal Information that you need to share on the website or the information stored on your computer then call us on 1-888-827-9060. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you with your questions. You can also email us your queries at 1-888-827-9060