Norton is a great security application and it’s very easy to manage Norton setup. If you have its active subscription, you can see the details of your system activities, check the authenticity of the data that is stored or trying to store on your device, and view 30-day report. Means, you will be able to see the overall performance of your Norton setup.

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There is an option called Graphs window where you can view all the activities that have occurred or you have performed on your over the last three months in the Graphs window. The activities include everything from application installations to application downloads, threat detection to disk optimizations, quick alerts to performance alerts, etc. To see the details of any event, there are tabs at the top of the event graph. Every activity in the graph window is displayed as icon or stripe and at the bottom of each icon or stripe, there is a related each icon or stripe description. These details shows the number of such activities and the date on which an activity was performed.

Norton Insight allows you to verify the authenticity of a file. It shows the trust level of Files of Interest on your machine. Here you can see the date when the file was installed, a file’s signature, the trust level of file, source of the file, resource usage, and community usage. If you want Norton setup to display File Insight option, right-click on a File of Interest. Also remember that you cannot access this option for any file In Windows Safe mode. Your Norton product also categorizes any file for which you open the File. Users can also update the trust value of a file or manually trust any file from the File Insight window.

Norton allows its user to view 30-day report and that report includes all the activities that Norton performs on your computer. If you want to manually open the report click the 30-Day Report option in the Norton product main window. This report is about every time when your Norton scans your files, analyses downloads, runs LiveUpdate, fixes infected files, blocks intrusions, and the information about the logged inactivity.

Norton Product Key Activation

Norton offer the combination advanced threat detection and protection technologies to keep your devices safe from today’s advanced threats. It ensures that your computer remain free from every Norton product, additional help is available but before that you need to find your product key, PIN, or renewal code

Finding your product key

If you want to download and install Norton setup, you have a number of choices to buy and find Norton product key depending on how you obtained your Norton product. You must have choose any of the following options:

  • Norton account
  • Norton Online Store
  • Product CD or Retailer’s card
  • Pre-installed
  • Third-party website
  • Service provider

Your product is already registered with your Norton account if you have purchased it from the Norton Online Store online. You just need to sign in to Norton and get the product key. If you could not find your product key there, it’s also there in your order confirmation email. Follow the below given instruction to find the product key:

  • Set up your Norton account 10
  • Sign in to your Norton account.
  • Click Services in the page that appears.
  • Click the Norton product of your choice for which you need the product key.
  • Write down or copy the product key.

Other ways to find the product key

  • If you made a purchase from a third-party website, find the product key in the order confirmation email. If it is not here check your spam or junk folder.
  • If you purchased Norton product as a boxed product, the product key will be printed either on a sticker on the DVD or on the card that is kept inside the box.
  • If the Norton product is pre-installed on your device, your product key may be already stored in the product. All you need to do is register your product with your Norton account. Once registered, you will fund it by signing into your account.

Once you have your product key, you are ready for Norton product key activation. To activate your subscription, go to to download and install your Norton product. You need to be signed in to your Norton account if you are not signed in already. Fill your credentials if the pop up window prompts to sign in and then click Sign In button. The Norton Product key activation may vary according to your browser.

  • First of all click Download Norton in the Setup window.
  • Click Agree & Download.

Then follow the next step according to your browser:

  • For Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browser: Click Run.
  • For Safari or Firefox: There is a download option on the top-right corner of the browser, click on that to find the downloaded files. When you find the downloaded file, click on that.
  • For Chrome: On the bottom-left corner you will find the files that you downloaded, click on that.
  • Now click on the continue option when the User Account Control window appears.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Now your Norton product is now installed and activated and ready to safeguard your computer.