How to temporarily disable Norton Antivirus?

No one can deny from the fact that Norton antivirus protects the computer system and other devices from harmful online threats. These threats, including spyware, malware, viruses along with Trojan horses and phishing scams can not only corrupt your data, but also steal your personal information that may put your finances at risk. However, every tool and product is designed for your data security and safety, but sometimes it may stop the installation of other programs or the functionality of your web browser.

However, you can easily disable the antivirus temporarily in order to install your other applications. When you do so, make sure you re-enable them to allow the antivirus protect your device again. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps in order to disable the antivirus:

     Disable the antivirus as well as smart firewall

  • Open the notification area from the bottom right corner of the taskbar
  • Right-click the security icon to find out different options
  • Now, click “Disable Smart Firewall” to temporarily stop the firewall
  • From the “Select the duration” drop-down in the Security Request window choose a time duration for the temporary shutdown
  • Click “OK” to activate
  • Now, click Disable Antivirus to disable the antivirus protection
  • Just remember, your system is exposed to threats and viruses, when the antivirus and the firewall is disabled

    Controlling the Norton toolbar

  • To disable the Norton toolbar in the Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, click View and then select the Toolbar
  • Un-check the toolbar
  • Click Ok to save the changes
  • In case of Google Chrome, click the Chrome menu and choose Tools
  • Now, select Extensions
  • Uncheck the Enabled button to turn off the toolbar
  • The settings will be saved automatically
  • You can re-enable them later from the Norton Toolbar entry in Chrome Extension menu


It’s is true that Norton sometimes doesn’t allows a particular software to get installed on your device, but it is also true that it protects your device. It blocks the websites or the software to browse or install only if it found it malicious or infected with virus. Sometimes, it is due to when the software doesn’t meet the security guidelines specified by the antivirus. So, it is recommended to enable the Norton security software or antivirus every time you disable it for installing any software or other.

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